interior styling

Hapax creates raw, tactile and timeless spaces that elevate daily experiences.

Hapax is a London-based styling practice specialising in high-end hospitality and residential projects. It offers a wide range of services including home decluttering & edit, product sourcing and visual storytelling.

Why Hapax is different

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Creative vision supporting individuality

Our home should express our personality, reflect our values and align with our lifestyle – as opposed to a facsimile of someone else’s style or the generic interiors portrayed on social media. Creating a space thoughtfully starts by defining your vision and motivations for change.

While every project is unique and tailored around the individual’s needs and aspirations, they are all considered with the same innovative thought and uncompromising commitment from beginning to end.

Inspired by nature

There is incredible poetry to the raw and transient beauty of nature. Tones, shapes and textures brought from the natural world into an interior instantly add depth and visual interest. Now more than ever, it is relevant to pay attention to how pieces are made and where materials are sourced from. The changing light throughout the day and seasons, scents and the surrounding landscape all play a part in how we experience a space.

Timeless simplicity

Hapax product sourcing steers away from mass-production. One of the brand pillars consists of valuing & promoting craftsmanship, independent businesses and reconditioned furniture. Investing in pieces that have history and tell stories brings character to an interior and cannot be faked.

Belgian Heritage

Belgium has been on the cutting edge of the fashion industry for decades, led by designers like Ann Demeulmeester, Dries van Noten and Martin Margiela. The Belgian interior style is in a league of its own. Belgian modern spaces are simple, luxurious and lived-in. The interiors feature a pared-back look – with little furniture and no clutter – that doesn’t sacrifice on warmth or comfort.

Materiality sparks emotional resonance


Decluttering – Proving assistance to private clients in defining a purpose for each room and creating visual breathing space. Simplifying you environment so you can appreciate what’s most important.

Conceptual development – Creating a compelling visual story in line with your goals and values, using boards / layout plans.

Curating – Layering pieces that hold meaning for you (and that you already own) and enhancing a narrative that is authentic to you through intentional selection.

Sourcing – Ensuring that furniture, fittings and equipment (FF&E), decoration and artwork requirements are set to brief and on budget. Our choices about products and materials selection speak volumes of our values so it’s important to consider material selection and provenance.

Styling – Creating meaningful and memorable interiors using the science and art of composition as well as interior designers’ tips and tricks.

Decorating – Adding a touch of magic and transforming your space through unique & covetable pieces, frictional pairings and intriguing scale.

Finishes – Assisting in final stages of project ensuring that all FF&E, accessories and styling meet the brief.


“Severine has a knack for envisioning the narrative of a room. She listened attentively to our needs and created more intention within our space. Now, we have rooms that serve different purposes and align with our family lifestyle. She made the most of what we already owned and even sold me on the Chesterfield sofa my husband wanted so badly; I didn’t think it would work in our house but she made it all happen!”

– Colette C.