where to start

When decorating a space, it is important to shed light on the deep reasons that motivate the change you want to see. Getting a clear understanding of what we value the most help us prioritise our time and resources, and prevents us from getting sidetracked.

Your end goal should always reflect you, not be a facsimile of someone else’s style or a replica of the generic interiors portrayed on social media. I am here to help you to create a space that feels authentic and meaningful, echoing your values and aligning with your lifestyle.

It is important to note that any room benefits from being created at a slow tempo. Build a pause before buying furniture or decorative items and consider what visual story you’d like your interior to tell.

The first step in styling a space is to declutter. In the post-Marie Kondo era, this feels a little bit like a trend but we shouldn’t underestimate the effect it has on our lives and environments. Decluttering can energise our senses and soften our sight. When assessing what you own, it is helpful to think about the things you want to live with for at least another 5 years. Decluttering is an ongoing process; it is best to start small and be consistent so as not to get overwhelmed. You can start by discarding uselessĀ knick-knacks while keeping items that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical (e.g., trays, baskets, etc.) If you have useful things that are unattractive, simply put them away in storage. Investing in beautiful everyday items is a great way to keep a space polished and functional. Enamelware, hand blown glassware and ceramics are all easy on the eyes while being extremely practical.

Happy decluttering!

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