Hapax legomenon is a term in Ancient Greek that designates a single appearance in the body of work of an author. It refers to the uniqueness and exclusivity of a project.

In architecture, an hapax indicates a structure that doesn’t have any analogue, such as the Roman Pantheon with its open pronaos and rotunda.

Hapax advocates a distinct way of living: refined, pared-down and intentional. It is inspired by lifestyles and cultures around the world while deconstructing Western conventional norms and beliefs.

Environments have a profound influence on how we feel and how we behave. Hapax strives to enhance daily experiences and inspire people to pursue an elevated and authentic lifestyle.

I gained firsthand experience of slow and natural living by growing up in the Belgian countryside. Most Belgian creatives in the design sphere are renowned for being bold and unconventional and this cultural heritage has definitely left an imprint on my work.

I have perfected my design & styling skills with Natalie Walton‘s and Abigail Ahern‘s masterclasses.

Moving to London and frequently travelling to the Mediterranean Basin has set the ground for a nomadic mindset and a deep understanding of global communities.

Philosophy and critical thinking are also important pillars of Hapax, nurtured by my longstanding fascination with the philosophers of Greco-Roman Antiquity.

Storytelling is pivotal in creating emotional resonance. My background in digital marketing and luxury branding enabled me to comprehend how content forcefully drove trade and how people connect with products, brands and spaces.

My publishing credentials include a book on Margaret Thatcher’s economic policies (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013) as well as feature articles and branding content for different clients including Positive Luxury and Rankin Photography.

Hapax is a platform that congregates the insights I gained over the years across these different creative spheres to help people live their best life.

Enquiries: severine.etienne@gmail.com

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