I grew up in the Belgian countryside, which gave me strong roots and firsthand example of simple living. Throughout high school years, I was fascinated by the philosophers of Greco-Roman Antiquity and have tried at many points in my life to apply their wisdom. I am especially drawn to Marcus Aurelius and Emperor Hadrian’s principles of asceticism and refined frugality.

Motherhood was a turning point and pushed me to be more thoughtful about the way I lived my life: not only the environment in which my child was growing up but also what type of role model I wanted to be and what dreams I still wanted to accomplish.

I took advantage of the time I had to explore my innate creativity and read a myriad of books for research.

My interests are varied and so I hope to use Hapax as a platform that congregates the insights I gained over the years across multiple life spheres to help people live their best life.

My publishing credentials include a book on Margaret Thatcher’s reform in the labour market and the educational system (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013), feature articles for Positive Luxury and creative content for Rankin Photography advertising campaigns. Locally, I am a regular contributor to Queen’s Park Mums.

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