Hapax legomenon is a term in Ancient Greek that designates a single appearance in the body of work of an author. It refers to the uniqueness and exclusivity of a project. In architecture, a hapax indicates a structure that doesn’t have any analogue, such as the Roman Pantheon with its open pronaos and rotunda.

Hapax advocates a different way of living: slower, simpler and more intentional. A natural and authentic lifestyle brings more richness into our lives, but requires, in my humble opinion, a deconstruction of the norms and a return to basics.

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I suggest starting with our environments because of their profound influence on how we feel and how we behave. A comfortable, pared-down space, designed in a considered manner, nurtures our inner self and enhances our daily experiences. Hapax interior styling services aim to make a change into our lives by igniting individuality and pursuing refined simplicity.

I am not here to imprint my particular mark, but rather listen to your needs and hopes, so as to reach an outcome that stems from collaborative reflection and builds upon your values and aspirations. By reflecting together on what’s most important to you and the underlying reasons that motivate your crave for a change, we will be able to create an elevated environment that is authentic, simpler and unique to you.

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