Brief: Some clients finalised the purchase of their first home. The objective was to make a decoration plan for each room of the house. They are looking for uncluttered, comfortable and stylish spaces with 70s accents to honour the era of the house architecture. Functionality is key as they’re growing into a family of 5.

Vision: Applying a restrained and neutral palette throughout the spaces will provide an overall minimal and timeless feel. The plan is to create a home that is simple yet tasteful, easy to live in & maintain, with eclectic accents.

Living room mood-board

Kitchen inspiration

Dining area mood-board

70s accents (rattan, hanging chair round shapes, mid-century/retro furniture)


Brief: Creating a storyboard for a property developer who wants to showcase our local area. Each piece has to be sourced from local suppliers.


Vision: A London-based Victorian house featuring a narrow passageway with black & white tiles that has to be practical enough to suit a busy family lifestyle. While it needs to be highly functional, the entryway also gives the first impression of a home. This space showcases the homeowners’ personality and integrates eclectic and quirky details.

Sourcing: Art and basket, Abigail Ahern – Hemp Palm Hand Broom, Ingredients Ldn – Shoes, Labour and Wait – Chair, Retrouvius – Bell pendant lamp, Mint Shop


Brief: A client wants to optimise the room which gets the most sunlight throughout the day, by having a lounging space for guests and a little dining area.


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Keywords: primitive, tribal, minimalist, wabi sabi, experimental

Vision: The room is not big, so the decor of the room will be quite minimal. Since the room gets a fair amount of sun, it is suitable to infuse Mediterranean accents through a terracotta limewash paint and natural textures such as palm leaves, jute, linen and wood. Limewash paint adds texture and provides an authentic feel to the room. The skirting needs to be painted in the same colour to add height to the room. The focal points of this room will be a large woven pendant, a curated collection of large wabi-sabi vases and a designer sling chair by Børge Mogensen. The window sill will remain streamlined so as to showcases big trees and neighbours’ well-maintained gardens.


Brief: A London-based client wishes to transform his large North-facing living room into the master bedroom.


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Keywords: inky, moody, natural, soothing

Vision: A dark colour with warm undertones will reinforce the feeling of cosiness and intimacy – limewash or chalk paint are good options to create texture. The blue-grey walls will be complemented with neutral linen bedding and dark wood antique stools, for an ‘old & new’ style. Antique brass and golden touches like table lamps and hardware will contrast with the darkness of the room. Dried foliage and architectural branches add another layer of texture and provide interesting displays. Fresh eucalyptus is the perfect greyish green to use in winter and brings a delightful scent indoors. Generating pockets of glow with table lamps sprinkled around the room will make the atmosphere cosier in the evenings.


Brief: A UK-based client recently moved into a new house with her family and was hesitant about how to use her most North-facing room, located next to the entrance. She and her husband talked about turning it into a library but there was no vision of what this room would function as, for whom and when; it was pretty much dead space. She had already painted the walls in sage green and her husband wanted to get a Chesterfield sofa. After a collaborative reflection, we decided this would be a lounge space where adults can relax as well as an additional working area.


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Keywords: masculine, sculptural, modern, elegant

Vision: The space features a restrained palette – fern green, tan leather and soft grey. The Chesterfield sofa is associated with modern, masculine chairs that have sharp lines and create a strong impact. Sculptural elements such as foliage and ceramics will add interest to the room. As the room is North-facing it is important to have different sources of lighting – such as a floor or table lamp as well as a pendant and wall-mounted fixtures.